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The Fairy Glow Jar.. or is it?

So I know this “DIY” project seems a little childish, but I wanted to try it out because of all the awesome pictures I saw on Pinterest and the videos on Youtube.

All I used were:

1. Sheet of clear plastic

2. Glow-in-the-dark puffy fabric paint (I bought this at Michael’s craft store for $3)

3. Mason or any glass jar

4. Scotch tape


Step 1: Tape the clear plastic sheet securely onto your work surface.20141202_114748

Step 2: Use your puffy paint and dabs dots, of different sizes, onto your plastic sheet.


Step 3: Let dry.


Step 4: Roll up and put into jar.



And that’s it. It’s as simple as that.

I did this for one mason jar and it was just so-so. It was a little hard to see the glow, but then again, I didn’t let it out in the sun. I used artificial lighting.

I think if I made this for a lot of jars and maybe used different glow-in-the-dark paint colors, this project would have been more successful.

However, I enjoyed trying it out.

Let me know if you or anyone you know have tried this. I want to know your experience with it.


The Picture Frames

I made these two¬†picture frames for less than $10. I think they’re simple and rustic. They were very easy to make and I very much enjoyed making them.

Also, I think these picture frames would make great gifts for the holidays and for any other occasion.

I purchase the materials at Michaels craft store. I chose to stick to the neutral color theme so I chose brown flowers, but you can choose any decorations of any kinds, sizes and colors.

You will need a hot glue gun, some decorations of your choice and picture frames.

Additionally, I chose to sand the frame down to avoid getting splinters. This step isn’t necessary and you can choose to skip it.

First layout your decoration pieces onto the frame and adjust them where you want to glue them.

Next, glue your pieces together.







And voila, two lovely picture frames for your own use or for a gift.