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Candle Holders

I saw lovely DIY candle holders on Pinterest and decided to try them out.

The ones I saw, however, were decorated with fall leaves; I chose to put my own twist to them and use “holiday-themed” flowers instead.

So, I went to Michaels and purchased a couple bundles of flowers.

I got together a mason jar, although you can use a plain glass cup or jar of your choice, the flowers and hot glue gun. That’s all you need.


I just pulled the flowers and leaves off the stems, and cut the pointy and bulky part off of the bottoms, like so:


Then I just glued them on however I wanted to decorate the mason jar.


I put a flameless candle in it and voila!

20141208_172842 20141208_172819


The Holiday Window Decal

Holiday season is already here and people are excited. Stores are decorated with Thanksgiving colors and some stores are even starting to play Christmas music. In  November.

But of course, being a lover of Christmas season myself, I wanted to get started early, so I went on Pinterest and started browsing “Christmas decorations.” I saw an affordable and cute project I could do myself and this is what I did.

The DIY holiday window decal.

These are currently decorating my bedroom window

You only need four things:

1. Plastic clear sheet (I’m not sure what it’s called because my dad’s an artist so he had rolls of them, but they’re almost like projector head sheets, clear thick plastic-y sheets. You can also use thick ziplock)

2. Printout of snowflakes (I found printouts of traceable snowflakes on Google)

3. Your choice colors of puffy fabric paint. (I purchased mine at Michael’s craft store for $2 each)


The steps are fairly easy; you just tape the cutout to your work surface. Then you tape the clear sheet over your cutout. You then use your puffy fabric paint to trace the snowflakes. Let it dry and then peel off. Finally, you have your snowflake decal pieces that you can stick on your windows.





My experience with this project was pretty good. One piece of advice I have for you is to not hold back on the amount you squeeze while tracing. The first time I did it, I thought I used a lot of paint, but they shrink while they dry. It happened to me and it made it a little difficult to peel the paint. I’m not sure about the experience using Ziplock bags but with the clear plastic sheet, it made it difficult. Use a lot of puffy paint.

Holiday Pinecones

Pinecones are a fantastic way to decorate your home during the holidays. They’re even prettier and more festive when you paint them. I chose to paint them white and gold.

The only materials I needed were a bag of pinecones, which I purchased at Michaels craft store for $2 because they were on sale, and I needed white and gold spray paint.


I wore gloves to avoid getting paint on my hands and I sprayed these outdoors in a very well ventilated area.20141129_123616

I also made sure to spray these on top of an old blanket to ensure that I didn’t get any paint on the ground.20141129_123627


I actually had a lot of fun spray painting these and I even mixed white with gold giving it that “ombre” effect.

The Fairy Glow Jar.. or is it?

So I know this “DIY” project seems a little childish, but I wanted to try it out because of all the awesome pictures I saw on Pinterest and the videos on Youtube.

All I used were:

1. Sheet of clear plastic

2. Glow-in-the-dark puffy fabric paint (I bought this at Michael’s craft store for $3)

3. Mason or any glass jar

4. Scotch tape


Step 1: Tape the clear plastic sheet securely onto your work surface.20141202_114748

Step 2: Use your puffy paint and dabs dots, of different sizes, onto your plastic sheet.


Step 3: Let dry.


Step 4: Roll up and put into jar.



And that’s it. It’s as simple as that.

I did this for one mason jar and it was just so-so. It was a little hard to see the glow, but then again, I didn’t let it out in the sun. I used artificial lighting.

I think if I made this for a lot of jars and maybe used different glow-in-the-dark paint colors, this project would have been more successful.

However, I enjoyed trying it out.

Let me know if you or anyone you know have tried this. I want to know your experience with it.

The Ring Holder 3

Ever since I had the biggest scare when I couldn’t find my ring, I’ve been researching ring holders. I have a couple that I made already but I thought this one would be fun to make.

I have to admit, this is a very pretty ring holder.

You will need:

1. a small plastic animal (make sure there’s a “hook” or something to ensure that your ring will fit or hang correctly)

2. hot glue gun

3. spray paint, color of your choice (I used gold because it’s what I had left over from another DIY project)

4. a piece of wood (my fiancé cut a piece and sanded it down for me)

5. few decorative pieces (I used flowers that I had left over from another DIY project)


First, spray paint the toy animal. I used an elephant so I could use its nose as the hook. Let the toy dry completely.


Next, glue the toy’s feet onto the block of wood.


Then, add your decorative pieces onto the block of wood with the hot glue gun.


Finally, I used some twine I had and glued it all along the bottom of the wood piece.


This is my absolute favorite. I was inspired to make this because of this ring holder/dish from Anthropologie. It’s obviously way too expensive. So I made this elephant piece.

anthropologie ring dish
Ring dish from Anthropologie. It’s adorable but way overpriced.

The Ring Holder 2

This is one of the cheapest ring holders you can make.

They may seem too simple, but I think that’s the best part about them.

You can decorate them in any way possible. I left the pieces of wood blank because I honestly did not know how to decorate them. I am still thinking of how to decorate them.

I thought of spray painting, but that’s been done. I used a lot of spray paint in my other DIYs.

I thought of acrylic painting, but it seems too flat and simple.

I then realized that I had some ‘flowers’ left over from another DIY project I did. So I ended up gluing flowers onto the pieces of wood.

All I used were two pieces of cutout pieces of wood I found at Michaels craft store for $.88 and hooks from Home Depot for $2 each package.  I definitely did not need to purchase two different colors but I did anyway in hopes that I will need the rest of the hooks someday.








The Picture Frames

I made these two picture frames for less than $10. I think they’re simple and rustic. They were very easy to make and I very much enjoyed making them.

Also, I think these picture frames would make great gifts for the holidays and for any other occasion.

I purchase the materials at Michaels craft store. I chose to stick to the neutral color theme so I chose brown flowers, but you can choose any decorations of any kinds, sizes and colors.

You will need a hot glue gun, some decorations of your choice and picture frames.

Additionally, I chose to sand the frame down to avoid getting splinters. This step isn’t necessary and you can choose to skip it.

First layout your decoration pieces onto the frame and adjust them where you want to glue them.

Next, glue your pieces together.







And voila, two lovely picture frames for your own use or for a gift.