Holiday Canvas

I absolutely loved this project. It was cheap and fun, and the finished product came out amazing.

I made “holiday” canvases. These were so easy to make and not that messy at all, besides the glitter. But who doesn’t like working with glitter? I think it makes the home look a lot more festive and fun.

Here is the list of materials you will need:

1. Canvas (I have a bunch of these in my closet, but they sell canvases at any art stores)

2. Glue & a spoonful of water (It’s best to use a liquid glue. I chose to use Tacky Glue. I poured the glue into a disposable bowl and mixed a little bit of water into it to thin out the glue.)

3. Disposable paint brush (I bought two brushes at Michael’s craft store for 50 cents each. I only ended up using one of them.)

4. Glitter!

5. Silhouette of your holiday drawing of your choice (I actually made my own tree silhouette using Microsoft Word. I found and printed the deer head from Google.)

6. Pencil (to trace the silhouette onto the canvas)

7. Scissors


The steps are very easy to follow.
Step one: Print out silhouettes of your holiday drawing. I chose a deer head and a Christmas tree.

Step two: Cut out the silhouettes and trace onto your canvas.


Step three: Mix your glue and a spoonful of water into a bowl(disposable.)

20141202_121148 20141202_121302

Step four: Paint the glue, using your brush, on the insides of your traced silhouette.

20141202_122238 20141202_122613

Step five: Sprinkle glitter over the ‘painted’ areas.

20141202_122635 20141202_122803
Step six: Dust/blow glitter off, preferably outside or into a trashcan.

Step seven: Let dry.

20141202_124305 20141202_124309

This was so pretty. I absolutely love it. I know I will be making more holiday themed canvases. I can’t wait.


Try these out and let me know how it went!


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