The Holiday Window Decal

Holiday season is already here and people are excited. Stores are decorated with Thanksgiving colors and some stores are even starting to play Christmas music. In  November.

But of course, being a lover of Christmas season myself, I wanted to get started early, so I went on Pinterest and started browsing “Christmas decorations.” I saw an affordable and cute project I could do myself and this is what I did.

The DIY holiday window decal.

These are currently decorating my bedroom window

You only need four things:

1. Plastic clear sheet (I’m not sure what it’s called because my dad’s an artist so he had rolls of them, but they’re almost like projector head sheets, clear thick plastic-y sheets. You can also use thick ziplock)

2. Printout of snowflakes (I found printouts of traceable snowflakes on Google)

3. Your choice colors of puffy fabric paint. (I purchased mine at Michael’s craft store for $2 each)


The steps are fairly easy; you just tape the cutout to your work surface. Then you tape the clear sheet over your cutout. You then use your puffy fabric paint to trace the snowflakes. Let it dry and then peel off. Finally, you have your snowflake decal pieces that you can stick on your windows.





My experience with this project was pretty good. One piece of advice I have for you is to not hold back on the amount you squeeze while tracing. The first time I did it, I thought I used a lot of paint, but they shrink while they dry. It happened to me and it made it a little difficult to peel the paint. I’m not sure about the experience using Ziplock bags but with the clear plastic sheet, it made it difficult. Use a lot of puffy paint.


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