The Wooden Rustic Headboard

This is a project I would love to make in the near future.

It’s a wood rustic headboard.

How amazing would it be to have a nature-themed bedroom? And to take the first step, I want to attempt to make my own headboard piece.

(By the way, if you don’t know what a headboard is, it’s the flat piece that separates your bed from the wall.)

I found this on Check it out. I think it’s very pretty. It can be a bit much but I like the simplicity it has.

I also found a smaller one. This is from (This is one of my most favorite websites when it comes to home and interior decorating.) I like the eclectic look of this headboard. I also love the grayish color it has, too.

This headboard is, hands down, my favorite. It seems easier to make and the materials needed are minimal. Check it out: This site tells you everything you need, from the materials to even the estimated costs.‘s blog has photos, materials, and directions on how to build a headpiece. I like this one, too, but it doesn’t have that ‘raw’ look to it. It’s cute, but not my style.

I really hope to tackle this one day soon as I am planning on moving next summer. My new room could definitely use a makeover. How exciting!


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