The Fairy Glow Jar.. or is it?

So I know this “DIY” project seems a little childish, but I wanted to try it out because of all the awesome pictures I saw on Pinterest and the videos on Youtube.

All I used were:

1. Sheet of clear plastic

2. Glow-in-the-dark puffy fabric paint (I bought this at Michael’s craft store for $3)

3. Mason or any glass jar

4. Scotch tape


Step 1: Tape the clear plastic sheet securely onto your work surface.20141202_114748

Step 2: Use your puffy paint and dabs dots, of different sizes, onto your plastic sheet.


Step 3: Let dry.


Step 4: Roll up and put into jar.



And that’s it. It’s as simple as that.

I did this for one mason jar and it was just so-so. It was a little hard to see the glow, but then again, I didn’t let it out in the sun. I used artificial lighting.

I think if I made this for a lot of jars and maybe used different glow-in-the-dark paint colors, this project would have been more successful.

However, I enjoyed trying it out.

Let me know if you or anyone you know have tried this. I want to know your experience with it.


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