The Ring Holder 3

Ever since I had the biggest scare when I couldn’t find my ring, I’ve been researching ring holders. I have a couple that I made already but I thought this one would be fun to make.

I have to admit, this is a very pretty ring holder.

You will need:

1. a small plastic animal (make sure there’s a “hook” or something to ensure that your ring will fit or hang correctly)

2. hot glue gun

3. spray paint, color of your choice (I used gold because it’s what I had left over from another DIY project)

4. a piece of wood (my fiancé cut a piece and sanded it down for me)

5. few decorative pieces (I used flowers that I had left over from another DIY project)


First, spray paint the toy animal. I used an elephant so I could use its nose as the hook. Let the toy dry completely.


Next, glue the toy’s feet onto the block of wood.


Then, add your decorative pieces onto the block of wood with the hot glue gun.


Finally, I used some twine I had and glued it all along the bottom of the wood piece.


This is my absolute favorite. I was inspired to make this because of this ring holder/dish from Anthropologie. It’s obviously way too expensive. So I made this elephant piece.

anthropologie ring dish
Ring dish from Anthropologie. It’s adorable but way overpriced.

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