The Ladder Garden

I’ve been researching this DIY project for about a month now, and I’ve seen so many different styles and shapes of ladder gardens. Before we get into some examples of what I want to build, let me tell you what a ladder garden is. A ladder garden is, in literal terms, a garden that is in a shape of a ladder. Here is an example: (Visit this website: Click MeEe)

From what I’ve seen on the Internet, it doesn’t seem like an easy project. However, I’ve really been wanting one and I don’t have the means nor do I want to spend a couple hundred bucks on it. I would rather make it and save money.

There’s a version of the ladder garden that basically uses an old, metal ladder. I personally want the material to be made out of wood and preferably shorter. Here’s the metal version: Click MeEe.

This next one would be the one I would attempt to build. I would definitely need the help of my fiancé, a crafty woodworker, to help me purchase, measure, cut, sand, tint and build the ladder. Here’s the one I really want to attempt to build if I were to build one in the future: Click MeEe.

I hope to make this soon. I think it’ll be an awesome way to display all my cactus plants. (I love cactus, BTW)


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