Mirror-Finished Vase

I came across an idea while looking at some vases on Pinterest. I found one that was spray painted with a “frost” spray, which made the vase look frosty. I wanted to add my own twist to it so I looked for different textured sprays online, and I came across the mirror-effect spray paint.

This is my second vase, but I absolutely loved this project. It was fun, fast and so easy. The end result came out very pretty; much prettier than the plain old vase I started out with. Just make sure you spray paint in a very well-ventilated area.

Here is the list of things you will need:

1. Vase of your choice (I bought this from Amazon.com for $5)

2. Masking tape with different thickness (This is completely your choice; my vase was only 7 inches tall, so I used .25″ thick masking tape and .38″ tape. These were a little pricey because I bought them at an art-supply store. I spent $15 for the both of them.)

3. Krylon’s Looking Glass Spray Paint (It gives the finished product an almost “mirror-glass” look. Very pretty! I bought this on Amazon.com for around $7.)


Step One:

I took the tape, started at the top, and twisted the vase in my left hand as I held the tape steady in my right.


Step Two:

I took the taped vase, and started spray painting it according to Krylon’s instructions. The spray paint smelled so bad though, I had to wear a mask. (Beware: It does NOT smell like regular spray paint.)

I took the vase and spray paint and took it to a well-ventilated area.
This is after the first coat of spray paint.
This is after my 3rd coat of paint
This is after my final coat of spray (7 coats, I believe)

Step Three:

I let the paint dry completely before peeling the paint. The results are posted below.

It’s so pretty! I will definitely be spray painting more objects with this in the future.



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