The Somewhat Successful Chalkboard Cups

Let’s start with the truth. I thought I did a pretty good and thorough job of making these cute, do-it-yourself, chalkboard-painted cups. I successfully finished painting, drying and then peeling the tape off. They came out really cute.

Cactus Cup
I wrote “Cactus Cup” because I was going to plant a cactus in it.

This is where it gets funny.

I wrote “Cactus Cup” on one of the cups because I wanted to plant a small cactus in it. I didn’t like the writing so I tried erasing the words. It didn’t come off. (I followed all instructions, spray paint and liquid chalk marker instructions) I then gently wiped my cup dry from the water, and the towel scraped and scratched off bits of the chalkboard spray paint.

Failed Scrape
Parts of the chalkboard paint got scraped off while gently towel drying it so I attempted to peel the paint off with my nails. This is the failed result of that as well.

However, if you plan on using it as a decoration without writing and erasing, then this is the project for you.

To make these cups, I only needed 3 things.

1. Masking tape. (I have a very thin masking tape in the photo because I couldn’t find my regular 1-inch thick tape)

2. ChalkBoard Spray Paint (Rust-Oleum)

3. Ceramic, non-porous surface cup


I took the masking tape and taped all around the cup, including the handle so that the spray paint would only be on the bottom side of the cup.

20141115_173443 20141115_175926

Next, (after I finally found my 2-inch thick masking tape) I went on to taping the rest of the top of the cup, including the top, and went on to flipping it upside down for easier application.


I started spraying, one coat at a time. I just followed the spray paint’s instructions.


After about six coats, I let them air dry.


I let the cups dry completely and finally peeled off the tape. They came out very nice.


(This is the liquid chalk marker I used, and after following directions, it didn’t even erase completely from the “chalkboard” cup) I am never buying this brand again. (I bought them from for $7.)


Anyway, I have the one other cup left that I managed to leave and not write anything on. This time, I’m going to write “Cactus Cup” on it and plant a cactus in it. Hopefully, that’ll work out better.


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