The Ring Holder 2

This is one of the cheapest ring holders you can make.

They may seem too simple, but I think that’s the best part about them.

You can decorate them in any way possible. I left the pieces of wood blank because I honestly did not know how to decorate them. I am still thinking of how to decorate them.

I thought of spray painting, but that’s been done. I used a lot of spray paint in my other DIYs.

I thought of acrylic painting, but it seems too flat and simple.

I then realized that I had some ‘flowers’ left over from another DIY project I did. So I ended up gluing flowers onto the pieces of wood.

All I used were two pieces of cutout pieces of wood I found at Michaels craft store for $.88 and hooks from Home Depot for $2 each package.  I definitely did not need to purchase two different colors but I did anyway in hopes that I will need the rest of the hooks someday.









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