The Spice Rack


I’m Byeol and I’m excited to share my experiences and ideas of do-it-yourself crafts with you. I’ve always been a crafty and artistic person but have never really thought of blogging projects. I guess I might as well start now.

I’ve always wanted to make a spice rack. I cook a lot at home and the spice rack is a mess.

It’s a mess. I had to dig into the cabinet to bring all these out. There are more in there but these are the ones I use the most so I chose to photograph these. In the blue containers are coffee grinds, brown sugar and salt.

This said, I will be organizing and sharing with you step by step on how to make a spice rack for my first blog post.

These are the things you’ll need:

My fiancé had these in his toolbox, but your local hardware stores should carry them.

1. Velcro strips

2. Wooden board of your preferred size (I used 1′ x 1.5′)

3. Craft bead jars (I used 12 clear “ez” view jars with screw top lids)

I bought these at Walmart for only $6. What a great deal!

4. Super glue or epoxy (to glue down the velcro to the wood; the Velcro had sticky side but I needed to super glue it on the wood because it kept peeling off the wood; eventually, the velcro strip on the wood was sturdy enough and didn’t lift)
5. Label maker
6. Scissors


1. Gather your supplies
2. Cut out the Velcro strips as long as your board, and glue them on.

I measured and cut out the strips and glued them onto the board.

3. Get the other side of the Velcro strips and cut out little circles and attached to the bottom of your spice container.

I cut the complementing side of the Velcro strips into little circles and glued them onto the bottom side of the containers.
They should attach onto the sharp Velcro side like this.

4. Make labels for the containers.

Label makers make the job a lot neater.


5. Fill your containers with matching spices and enjoy your new spice organizer.

This is my finished result. Now I can enjoy cooking without the hassle of looking for spices in my cabinet. Everything is within reach.

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